Prasmul Olympics

Prasmul Olympics is an annual sports and arts competition organized by Sports Division of Student Board Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. It is designed to strengthen the sense of kinship between Prasmulyan with external institutions and campuses. Through its thematic concept and series of events every year, Prasmul Olympics also aims to establish the spirit of sportsmanship, especially in the younger generation.

ICN (Indonesian Culture and Nationalism)

ICN is a series of events that aims to enhance the sense of nationalism in youth and to preserve the importance of our local culture. ICN consists of 3 main events: ICN Conference, ICN Food Exhibition, and ICN Festival. ICN Conference is a national youth conference that involves 34 delegates that represent each of the provinces in Indonesia. Through its food exhibition, ICN gathers many local cuisine tenants to Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. The event will be ended with an extraordinary festival that invites many inspirational public figures to share their experiences and pass along the spirit of Indonesian nationalism.

Art Week

Art Week is an external art exhibition event under Art and Skill Division of Student Board S1 Prasetiya Mulya. It was first held because Student Board feel the need to accommodate talents and creativity of Prasmulyans and today’s younger generation, primarily in the art field. The Art Week itself consists of 3 main events: Workshop, Opening Night and Exhibition with the hopes of widening people's knowledge in the world of arts and culture, whilst act as a medium to share, inspire, and most importantly, appreciate art.


SANSKERTA is the biggest theatrical art performance produced by Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. It was initially created to further strengthen the value of self-nation appreciation in the young generation. Presented in a form of musical drama, SANSEKERTA aims to showcase talents and skills of Prasmulyan by being a medium for them to express themselves outside the SAC itself.

Social Week

Social Week is a Corporate Social Responsibility program by Student Board S1 Prasetiya Mulya under the Social and Environment Division. It is an event that aims to increase Prasmulyan’s concern and empathy towards the surrounding community by taking a role in developing the community through a program called "Aksi Prasmulyan" in which they can provide creative and interesting business education activities in the form of Seminar and Workshop UMKM. In addition, Social Week aims to serve as a source of entertainment for a community through "Pesta Rakyat".